The holidays are right around the corner, which means it’s time to start buying gifts for friends and family--assuming you haven’t already started! That said, choosing the right gift for the right person can be tricky. We here at Stonehenge NYC are here to help.

Sometimes the easiest way to pick a holiday gift is to just go through a bunch of suggestions. That’s what this blog post series is all about. 

We’ve already featured gift guides for Mom and Dad, but chances are you’ve still got more gifts to buy  for the folks in your life. Now we’re going to broaden our ground with a gift guide for him.

He could be your boyfriend, your brother, or just your buddy. If you want him to have a perfect Christmas, one of these gifts could be just what you’re looking for.

Custom Lego Minifigure:

If your man is still a child at heart, there’s a chance he still likes to play with Legos, or at the very least has an appreciation of this classic children’s toy. allows you to create a custom Lego minifigure in his likeness. The customizability is endless, so you’re sure to create a tiny work of art that will touch his heart.

Personalized Wallet:

Every man needs a good wallet. If he’s carrying around a wallet that’s seen better days, consider hooking him up with a truly singular one. Etsy is packed with options for customizable wallets. You can get his name, his initials, or even a personalized message just for him. Think how nice it would be for him to read your wedding vows every time he pulls his wallet out.

Monogrammed Steak Brand:

Is he the kind of man who’s happiest with a steak on the grill and a drink in his hand? If he takes pride in his meat, isn’t it time you enabled him to truly put his mark on it? This personalized steak brand allows you to add up to three initials to any piece of meat you can imagine. Steaks just taste better when they’ve got that personal touch. 

Cyberpunk 2077:

After years of development and countless delays, this highly anticipated open-world video game is coming to Playstations, Xboxes, and computers just in time for the holidays. Cyberpunk 2077 is the magnum opus of the Polish game makers responsible for the massively successful Witcher game series. Hopefully it lives up to all the hype. Help your guy escape from today’s troubles by immersing himself in a dark future. 


It’s important to never stop learning in life. Gift your guy a masterclass and he’ll be able to learn about just about anything, no matter what his interests are. Masterclass is special because the online classes are taught by world famous experts in their field. From Martin Scorsese to Gordon Ramsay, there’s no end to what he might learn and who he might learn it from!

Onnit Kettlebell:

If Joe Rogan is indeed the Oparah for dudes, there’s a non-zero chance that your guy might be in to the Joe Rogan Podcast and all that comes with it. Why not hook him up with one of Joe Rogan’s very own kettlebells? These unique fitness weights look like great apes, Star Wars characters, and even mythical monsters. They’re both decorative (in a manly way) and functional.

Adopt a Wombat for the World Wildlife Fund:

Not sure what to get for the environmentalist guy in your life? Consider adopting a wombat for him. It may sound strange but all proceeds go to the World Wildlife Fund to protect and sustain endangered animals and environments throughout the world. This gift also comes with a cute stuffed wombat and a few other goodies, so he’ll have something to unwrap and still feel good about doing his part!

Dadow Sleep Device:

In a world of hyper-caffeination and omnipresent blue-light-emitting screens, it can be hard to fall asleep these days. If he’s the kind of guy who tosses and turns all night, the Dadow Sleep Device could be the life-changing gift he’s been dreaming of. This clever device projects a small light on the ceiling which expands and contracts. When he matches his breathing to the light, he’ll quickly enter into a relaxed state and breath pattern that’s ideal for sleeping. Before he knows it he’ll be deep asleep.

Marathon Beer Mug:

Running and beer drinking may not go together, but we can think of plenty of people who like to run and also enjoy a hoppy drink when the occasion calls for it. This wonderful beer mug marks the level of his drink with different race lengths, from the 5K to the full blown marathon. It’s a fun way to enjoy an unhealthy hobby while showing off that he does, in fact, have some healthy habits as well.

Stitch Fix Subscription:

Is he the kind of guy who likes to dress well? Or maybe  he’s in need of a style upgrade? Stitch Fix is a subscription service that sends him new clothes to try on every month. He’ll fill out a survey about his measurements and fashion tastes and Stitch Fix will regularly send him options. He can keep the stuff he likes and return the stuff he doesn’t. It’s that easy!