10 Cat Gifs That Perfectly Capture NYC Life

November 28th, 2018

Life in New York City is unlike living anywhere else in the world. Authors, filmmakers, songwriters, and even bloggers have tried to capture its essence. Of course, they've overlooked the one medium in which life in NYC can be perfectly captured: the cat GIF. So, without further ado, let's have some fun. These are 10 cat GIFS that perfectly capture life in the Big Apple. 1. When you've been waiting on the train platform for 14 minutes and you hear a train coming... giphy But...it's not your train. 2. When you're trying to finish your work in time to catch happy hour. giphy (1) 3. When the waiter drops off the check and you realize how much money you spent on mimosas. giphy (2) 4. When you walk into your new Stonehenge NYC apartment and see the view. giphy (3) 5. When it's "Showtime" on the train. giphy (4) 6. When your apartment is a bit small...but you love it anyway. giphy (5) 7. When you're trying to wake up in the shower so you're not a total zombie at work. giphy (6) 8. When you're at the club, trying to dance, but feeling a bit awkward. giphy (7) 9. When you're at the gym, just trying to get in shape and look good doing it. giphy (8) 10. When you realize it's all worth it because you live in the greatest city on Earth. giphy (9)