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Installation Guide

Stonehenge NYC Skill Installation Guide

Step by Step Guide for Activating the Stonehenge NYC Skill


  • Skill usage is limited to actual Residents of the Stonehenge NYC Buildings.
  • You should have valid login credentials for the Stonehenge NYC Tenant App. These credentials are to be used for the Stonehenge NYC Skill authorization. In case you don’t have the Resident App credentials email appsupport@stonehengenyc.com
  • You will need some type of Amazon Echo Alexa Device in order to use this Skill.
  • Regardless of whether Alexa Echo Device belongs to you or to the Stonehenge NYC property, you should:
    • download the Alexa App on App Store or Google Play
    • register an Amazon Alexa Account via the Alexa App
    • have the Echo device associated with the Alexa Account by following the steps in the Alexa App

Steps for Installing the Skill and Authorizing as a Stonehenge Resident:

  • Open Alexa App and log in or sign up your personal Alexa Account.
  • Open the Menu / Skills & Games in the left menu and search for the Stonehenge NYC Skill.

  • When found, open the Stonehenge NYC Skill and enable it.

  • You are redirected to the “Skill Permissions” page.
  • Set up Skill permissions and save it:
    • Alexa Notifications allow you to receive notifications about Incoming Packages and Building Alerts.
    • Reminders allow the Stonehenge NYC Skill to set up reminders about Upcoming Stonehenge Events in your Alexa App.

  • Then, go to the Stonehenge NYC Skill Settings and tap on the “Link Account” button.

  • You are redirected to the login page.
  • Enter your credentials for the Stonehenge Tenant App and click Login.

  • Wait for a while until Alexa Echo device acquires knowledge about the new Skill (may take a few minutes).
  • Now you can use the Stonehenge NYC Skill. You may begin by saying: “Alexa, ask My Building for help.” to learn what the Stonehenge NYC Skill can do.