Staycation Ideas from Stonehenge’s Best

The next few weeks will be your last opportunity to enjoy the winter chill (if you aren’t already over it) and what better way to take advantage than to give yourself a staycation. Treat yourself to a proper pampering with a few ideas from members of Stonehenge’s corporate team.

SPANISH PARADISE : GARDEN OF THE ALHAMBRAS 2011 - New York Botanical Garden , Bronx NYC - 07/12/11

SPANISH PARADISE : GARDEN OF THE ALHAMBRAS 2011 – New York Botanical Garden , Bronx NYC – 07/12/11

Botanical Gardens of NY are fun not only to participate to all activities they offer but also to peace your mind and relax your body.

- Valeria C.

Tibet House - Exhibitions - Gallery

Tibet House – Exhibitions – Gallery

I love going to Tibet House on West 15th Street for the Meditation Workshops on weekends I stay in NYC. After 20 minutes of deep breathing and breath of fire, I’m flying on an Oxygen High! I might as well be on a sandy beach in the Caribbean! The guided meditation turns the moment into an ecstatic journey to Paradise. Then I walk over to the Chelsea Galleries and look at the amazing art installations. Don’t go shopping after meditation because you will likely be in a state to buy things you really don’t need. Instead I go sit by the Hudson River and feel connected to the rest of the Planet Earth and all Humanity through the rivers of the Soul and the Oceans connecting our Continents. And that’s my Saturday Staycation in Manhattan.

- Michael S.

Central Park Reservoir, Aug 2011 - 16

Central Park Reservoir, Aug 2011 – 16

I love running clockwise and counterclockwise in Central Park on the outer loop when the weather is nice. Always fun to mix up the visual perspectives and not get into a boring routine of one direction running. I am all about mixing up vantage points.

- Jonathan F.

Let us know if you have any other ideas for a staycation by dropping a line in the comments!

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